Newsflash: Landlord agreed to early move in date through email

My lease starts on August 7th but landlord agreed 4 months ago through email to let me move in a week early. I made all the arrangements thinking I’ll move in early, but now 3 weeks before moving in he says he can’t accommodate my request because previous tenant is not moving out until the end of his lease. I don’t know what to do.



Newsflash: Is it worth it? Couple disagrees

Placed a bid at 314k and seller pays closing. We were told there is a competing offer- which pressured us to give a price…(first house bids the seller would not negotiate so we walked this is the second house) not sure if we bid too high and we are awaiting sellers signature on docs. My husband is upset and thinks we could have gotten it for cheaper- he does not want to walk and yet continues to tell me he is upset about it- I think we are on par with the location/comps and even think it may appraise higher than sale price. I want to reassure him or acknowledge we over bid- any advise will help out…link is belowEdit: North Carolina


Newsflash: Landlord won’t respond. How to get my deposit back

Moved out on may 31. Completely cleaned, removed trash, and filled and repainted holes in the wall. Landlord said deposit would be evaluated over the month after to see how much they would need for “repairs” We were good tenants, never paid late and no other problems besides routine maintenance. Lease mentions nothing about the deposit being non-refundable. The deposit was 1600$ so there is no way all of it was used to clean an already clean house. It’s now been 45+ days and she won’t respond to calls or texts. What do I need to do to get my deposit back?This is a college town so it is likely these landlords are doing this to us college kids because they know they can get away wit it.


Newsflash: Landlord-GA-Tenant asked me if I would be interested in selling our rental property to her

So my wife and I own a rental NW of Atlanta. Have a really good tenant that takes great care of the place. Out of the blue she sent a text asking if we would be interested in selling to her.House is in pretty decent shape. Needs an AC unit and could probably do with a hot water heater as its the original one since 2005 but doesn’t leak. But honestly that’s about it. We stand to make a good profit if we decided to sell it.If we go that route should we worry about real estate agents? She is a decent tenant and I would not try to take advantage of her and she is smart enough to look out for herself i.e. getting a home inspection and the like but should we just look at going with a real estate attorneys if we go down that path?Also, anyone got any ideas or articles about options with regards to avoiding capital gains. WE are talking about taking the proceeds and reinvesting into our current house but not sure as of yet what all out options are.


Newsflash: Considering a HUD house as an owner occupant. Any experience?

My husband and I fell in love with a HUD home that just came back on the market, so we have until Monday to get an offer in.Fake numbers for simplicity, but $100k ask, needs $150k in repairs, and will only be worth $200k when renovated.We are both in construction related industries and estimate projects for a living, and obviously will have some trade resources if this works out. However, we don’t want to blow the budget, either.How reasonable is it to offer at 50% (is that an it depends question?)? Will the loss of previous offer help?Is there a way to figure out what HUD will accept, or will the investors be doing the same math we are?(Since we’re owner occupants, I’m nervous our reno budget can’t compete with a Flipper’s. Any thoughts there?)We are getting financing sorted this morning- FHA rehab loan. Any experience there?Let me know if location is necessary; I’m leaving it out since these are national programs and I’m curious about any experience.Thank you so much for your help!


New Story Just Out: As Milk Production Cools In Summer, Farmers Try To Help Cows Take The Heat

Yet another interesting headline in the world of health and well-being. As Milk Production Cools In Summer, Farmers Try To Help Cows Take The Heat
From fans and misting water to creating a whole new breed of cow, farmers and researchers are fighting rising temperatures to keep the dairy industry from losing millions of dollars to “heat stress.”

Read the full story here

Newsflash: I have a friend looking to sell their home on a very desirable area of Oakland, Ca. What should she expect to pay to have her house staged?

She has a 2 bedroom house at about 950 sq. ft. The place is beautiful, in the Oakland hills; Montclair to be exact. She was just quoted $3,500 for it to be staged…is this reasonable? Any insight would be helpful.


Newsflash: Realtor for New Construction after process started sans Realtor

FloridaSo, we met briefly with a realtor out at a new community after we’d already decided on lot/house for the most part. They offer a % back on the sale out of their commission and we were told they cost us nothing and it all comes out of the builder’s side of things. They have offered their inspector for free and to stick with us through the build process/etc.Is this legit? They help us and we pay them nothing and only get $ back? I asked the questions every which way I could and they showed me paperwork from the builder that gives them a % but not out of our side.Just sounds too good to be true on 2 sides and the builder only loses 3%Sorry if this is a noobish question


Newsflash: Earnest Money in Contract

So I’m currently under contract (Atlanta GA) with a seller and we are doing contract and everything without representation. They don’t have a realtor, neither do I.Contract is signed by both parties. After a few amendments made by both, it’s all been signed. So here’s one thing I messed up. In the contract it does not clearly state that I can get back earnest money if I back out during due diligence period, or if anything else happens and we don’t close on designated date. I know I messed up…I’m not questioning that.My question is, how do I fix it? I realize if the seller doesn’t agree to amend it that’s on me. But if I request an amendment, what’s the best way to do that? A certain form, or should I just make an amendment to contract and request them to initial? What’s your advice to me?