Newsflash: First time seller, moving across country

My husband and I bought our house 3.5 years ago. We currently live in WA state but are needing to move to the East Coast. We bought the house for $200,000. We have about $175,000.00 left on our loan. Our current assessment from the county states our house is worth about $250,000.00. How do we go about selling this house and finding a new house? My understanding is we tell the bank we are planning to sell our current house to and get a pre-approval, then make the closing of our current home a condition in the contract of our new home. We have no idea how to do all this and are looking for help. We aren’t planning to move until next summer so we are just getting information and our ducks in a row right now.



Newsflash: First time homebuyer in NJ, home inspection didnt go as planned

Hello,First time poster here. Feeling overwhelmed. My husband and I found the perfect home. Great location in NJ, low taxes, seemed to good to be true…We had the inspection yesterday. Termite damage to one side of the house, support beam needs to be replaced, minor cracks in foundation. Flashing around the chimney of the roof needs to be redone. These are the major things.While seller is required to fix cracks, termites and support beam, the cause of the cracks in the foundation, is that the yard around the house isn’t properly pitched. We would need a landscaper to come and build drainage around the house. Realtor told us we couldn’t ask seller to do this.Another issue, part of the home doesn’t have gutters. Rain dumps straight down around the house, and there is nothing to move the water away from the house. So realistically, if the seller fixes the flashing, issues with foundation and termites, we as the buyer are looking at having to install gutters and having a landscaper come in and dig drainage.This is feeling like a no go for me. Realtor made it seem like it was a great inspection and that we were over reacting. Part of me just wants to run, but we’ve made our deposit and the location and the house besides these issues is perfect.Am I overreacting? Do we have cause to terminate? Or do we need to give them a chance to correct?Thanks!


Newsflash: First time land buyer, need help with loan options.

I am soon to be a first time land buyer (hopefully) within the next few weeks. It is 30 acres in the rural midwest. I am very interested in a USDA loan, as putting a very low minimum downpayment down is ideal for me. I plan to build a house next year on the land, so I want the funds for that loan downpayment (I am assuming that will require the full 20% down). My realtor suggested that I may need a bridge loan while I wait on the USDA loan. How does this work? Any suggestions on what my options are in this situation?


Newsflash: islands for sale that aren’t tropical paradises?

like is there a database of resource islands or anything? i want to find an affordable island to retire to, mostly living off grid when possible (so not barren rocks or strips of sand) but when i type ‘island for sale’ into google it assumes i am a millionaire.surely there must be functional islands in the world in the couple hundred grand ballpark right? i don’t mind some little forested dollop of land hugging the canadian coast or alaskan ‘rainforest’. if anything thats what i prefer


Newsflash: Confused (NYC) HDFC Co Op Income Requirement based on???

I’ve been reading about HDFC coop requirements and some say its based on Gross income. Others say net income. And then others say Adjusted Gross Income.Which number are we suppose to base the Maximum Income Requirement on? Does it matter what we do – like if we are self employed business or if we are an employee? Which number is it? Sorry, I’m lost here and getting different answers.


Newsflash: NY: Seller is asking how much money down? Is that Earnest money (deposit) or down payment for the loan?

Client wants to put 20% down payment and 80% financing. When it goes into contract in NYC, how much do we put down for a deposit? Is there an amount for a coop?


Newsflash: Selling In Fall. Good idea?

[TN] I am thinking of listing my home in fall. The realtor I spoke with seems eager to put it on the market, however, he says there is a lot of inventory. Meaning, it’s a buyer’s market. Should I wait to sell and see if spring offers better hope?Also, the contract he gave me has a protection period for 180 days. Is that too long?


New Story Just Out: Transgender Hockey Player Postpones Hormone Treatment To Keep Playing

Yet another interesting headline in the world of health and well-being. Transgender Hockey Player Postpones Hormone Treatment To Keep Playing
Sports leagues have struggled with how to define gender when it comes to deciding who can play. Pro hockey player Harrison Browne has decided to postpone hormone therapy for one more year on the ice.

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