Nepal Earthquake Fund To Help The Affected

The Nepal earthquake happened earlier in the year. It has caused a lot of devastation for many in the affected area. There are many homeless, sick and hungry. Because of the disaster, there is a need to raise funds for the people that were hurt by the earthquake.

A GoFundMe campaign has been organized in order to raise funds for these people. It is the goal to help fund $1,000,000 by the donations of people that care. Since the cause is something very good, there is a good response, and there will be many more people that will give to this campaign.

Majeed Ekbal has over 15 years of experience in developing marketing campaigns. His knowledge and expertise allows him to use teams in order to accumulate the revenue that is necessary to help certain causes.

As an independent Humanitarian, he is used to helping those that are in need. One of his specialties is helping head the slavery and abuse of children. His background in a variety of specialties gives him the ability to create and fund various campaigns for good causes. He also has experience in healthcare marketing, which enables him to know where the funds should be allocated to in order to help in the best way possible.

He has experience in digital marketing and business development. This experience is essential for creating a great campaign. His expertise has been used to help many different causes to a fantastic outcome.

Contributing to the Nepal earthquake fund on GoFundMe is a great idea for those that are interested in helping a good cause. Since there are so many afflicted, the money will do them a lot of good in many different ways. From providing them with food and water to shelter and medical care, the fund is helping the people that need it.