Newsflash: New construction home – Amazon & Ikea delivery problem?

Location: Loudoun, Virginia.My wife and I will be closing on a new construction home in about a month or so. We are the first house to be finished building on a brand new road. Both or home and the road do not exists on Google Maps.We were wondering what will happen to deliveries such as Amazon and Ikea after we move into the home. We are going to need to buy a bunch of things (small, and large) once we move in the home, and this could be a big problem.With my latest attempt, Google Maps only allow regular user to add a “missing place” This place cannot be a residential home. Google Maps does not allow a regular user to add a missing road.We will get a home address, so I guess our mail from USPS will arrive. But we are not sure if any thing else will arrive correctly. Do you have any advice on how we can go solving our potential delivery problem?Thanks.


New Story Just Out: ‘Mini’ MRI Outperforms 3-D Mammograms In Detecting Cancer In Women With Dense Breasts

Yet another interesting headline in the world of health and well-being. ‘Mini’ MRI Outperforms 3-D Mammograms In Detecting Cancer In Women With Dense Breasts
A new study published in JAMA compares the effectiveness of abbreviated MRI and 3-D mammography to detect breast cancer in women with dense breasts. It finds the mini MRI is more effective.

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Newsflash: Garage is Gone – Do I need to update survey?

I am selling my house to my in-laws. We bought the house with a shitty garage that eventually caved in. I demolished it and cleared the area. I did this without permits because I did not plan on moving. Fast forward to now. We are planning to move and sell the house to my in-laws. They don’t care about the no garage but is this going to cause an issue at all with their bank that they are getting their mortgage through? Am I going to have to pay for an updated survey?


Newsflash: New construction Availability on redfin represents actual availability?

Builder mentioned that our favorite plan (a detached unit) is all sold out and that all planned development in the area is built. However, we just saw our favorite plan listed on redfin yesterday that said that it’s ready to be constructed.We’re currently in the process of purchasing another plan (attached unit) that’s not our primary choice. Currently at the process of submitting purchase agreement to lenders.Builder previously mentioned that they would give us our favorite detached unit if available.I understand that seller is looking to close deal asap and get rid of built unit (attached).Is it too late to change to our favorite detached unit?Is redfin availability the same as actual availability?Thank you


Newsflash: Job change planned just after closing (US)

I’ve read several posts about changing jobs prior to closing, but what about a planned job change post closing?Our closing will take place in late May/early June. SO is quitting and changing jobs beginning of July. Formal resignation was already given but his job requires him to stay until the beginning of July. He’s going from a salaried position to a contractor (different company), but earnings will remain about same. Planning on speaking to the loan officer as soon as he has the new contract in hand (hopefully soon) but for now there’s nothing to show so I don’t know if we should bring it up yet. Is there anything else we can prepare to have to make the process easier? Should I mention this to my buying agent before speaking to the LO?


Newsflash: Which mortgage lenders allow you to waive escrow with less than 20% down?

Hello,For some reason this information is very difficult to find online. I’m looking for a mortgage lender that allows you to waive escrow even while having less than 20% downpayment. The only one I have found is chase and I’m not even really 100% sure the person helping me was being honest.


Newsflash: Assessor’s Questionable Actions

I own a smallish house upstate NY. The local assessor has it at 90K FMV. Two separate bank appraisals came in at 40 and 41K. I brought both appraisals to a grievance hearing and the assessor lowered the FMV to 88K. Of course he spoke in terms of assessment not FMV. He says new high end construction is raising my property value.Now an independent appraiser has told me the assessor should have lowered my assessment to match the bank’s. He wants to do yet another appraisal and attend the next grievance with me.Not sure what to do.