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Newsflash: Overpriced for sale by owner property, best negiation practices

After doing tons of research, we know the areas we want to invest in, we know what rent looks like and the house we found seems to check all the boxes, except it’s on a FSBO site and overpriced by about $40k based on comparables.We haven’t hired a real estate agent yet (making a decision next week) so should we just make an offer on the home without an agent or still go with an agent in hopes the agent can talk to them about the current market. Also, it’s going to be december soon and with that comes the cold and snow so we can negotiate even more, any chance they’ll take $40k below asking ? The property has been on the market about the average time it takes to sell…


New Story Just Out: ‘It’s Going To Get Worse’: How U.S. Countertop Workers Started Getting Sick

Yet another interesting headline in the world of health and well-being. ‘It’s Going To Get Worse’: How U.S. Countertop Workers Started Getting Sick
The story of the first worker in the U.S. to suffer lung damage after cutting a new kind of countertop material shows the way a workplace hazard emerged in this country.

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Newsflash: Buy the smallest house in the best neighborhood you can afford.

Buy the smallest house in the best neighborhood you can afford.I’ve been looking into real estate, and I see this statement comes up a lot. Would someone mind elaborate on why this is such an important concept when it comes to buying property in real estate?Why not buy the biggest house in the worse neighborhood you can afford?Why not buy the median house in an ok neighborhood you can afford?Why not buy the biggest house in any neighborhood you can afford?Why not buy the biggest house in the best neighborhood you can afford?Thanks.


Newsflash: Seller wants a 60 day close, would it be inadvisable to ask for a little something extra?

Everything has been agreed upon and the original closing date we requested was for December 20th. The seller came back with a request for us to push the close January 15th. He’s moving out of state or something.Our agent thinks that all the money involved is fair as it is and doesn’t want to push the seller if we want to ask for something extra like another $500 towards closing costs. Would it be that picky to do that? I’m otherwise ok with closing on his date but if we can haggle a little extra money out of it I figured why not?


Newsflash: Sq Ft discrepancy – 2600/2850thoughts?

So in contract to buy a house in California (1.2m – 5/3 – 2,850 sq ft) which has been represented all along at 2,850 sq ft PLUS an un-permitted 5th bedroom as additional sq footage.But now we’re getting Sq Ft disclosure saying it’s 2,600 and presumably 250 extra to equal the 2,850.Have a floor plan guy coming out to measure. But I’m assuming it’s total of 2,850 and no extra sq ft from the un-permitted area.Aside from walking away – I feel like the seller definitely knew the documents were wrong. (If they read them.) What’s a reasonable counter or course of action ?In my book the house missing almost 10% of it’s sq footage…


Newsflash: Taking the PSI Real Estate Exam Tomorrow

Howdy everybody, first and foremost, thank you to those of you in here that have helped me so far (probably without knowing it)I am taking my Kentucky Real Estate Exam tomorrow and have been studying like crazy, doing practice tests, rereading chapter notes, etc.Was there anything that you wish you had known before you tested? So far, I just keep getting mixed up on some of the tenancy questions and who takes over when people die and deeds, but I’m passing all my practice tests.Anything I need to look out for besides the math portion? How did you do on your first attempt?


Newsflash: Appraisal refinancing question?

I bought my condo two years ago and I’m looking to refinance. I’ve done some upgrades (Refinished ceilings, Recessed lighting, Laminate flooring, Kitchen Remodel) however my kitchen renovation isn’t quite complete (Cabinets need trim, backslash not installed, etc) and small things like baseboards and painting I’ve yet to complete throughout the rest of condo.My question is, should I wait on the appraisal and refi until I’ve completed the kitchen? I cant finish the reno until sometime in February when I get time off of work but my concern is the refi rates wont be as good then.How to I weigh the question of “Get the appraisal now with a half complete renovation and low rates” vs “Get the appraisal once finished reno but higher rates later?”