Newsflash: House Robbed, Lockbox entirely missing.

Hi /r/RealEstate,​I’m new here and just had a question about what are the options that I have since my house got robbed while it was listed with a real estate company. The real estate company had left the key in a supra lockbox, which they had stated to be locked and unbreakable, however before I could get home to stop the intruders, most of my stuff had already been stolen and the entire Supra Lockbox is completely missing. How should I proceed?​Thanks!



Newsflash: How long is a typical buyers agreement good for?

I’m thinking of signing with an agent for a discount sellers fee but sign a buyers agreement. In the event that we didn’t find anything and decided to rent for a bit, how long would the typical agreement be good for? I’m not trying to screw anyone over but there is a legitimate concern that we will not find a house and decide to wait 6 months to a year. TIA.


Newsflash: Sellers did not disclose foundation break and drainage problems.

We had a home inspection done today for our new Ohio home. The major issue is 1 foundation wall that had been “fixed” by installing vertical iron beams to keep the wall from buckling. Seems as though an uncorrected drainage issue had caused frozen water to accumulate and crack the wall. The sellers did not disclose this. Also, there is evidence of digging around the exterior perimeter at the site of the “fix” that is very recent. This was also not disclosed.We do not yet know if there is a transferrable warranty for the “fix.” We have a call out to the seller’s realtor. Regardless, I’m thinking the whole basement wall should be replaced. I mean, someday when we want to sell the house, it will be an issue for us. Without getting structural repair estimate, we think this 1 wall may cost about 10k to replace.Question is, if the “fix” has a warranty and guarentee, should I press on for replacement? It’s a big ticket item, so I imagine we could negotiate lowering the sale price. What do you think?


New Story Just Out: What Dropping 17,000 Wallets Around The Globe Can Teach Us About Honesty

Yet another interesting headline in the world of health and well-being. What Dropping 17,000 Wallets Around The Globe Can Teach Us About Honesty
Scientists used “lost” wallets to test whether people are more likely to be dishonest when they might profit. The results were puzzling — so they put more money in the wallets.

Read the full story here

Newsflash: Need advice for an interesting real estate case

Im currently located in New Orleans, LA and have been working in a store in the french quarter. The store is in a 4 story building right by the mississippi river, all owned by the owners of the store. While working in the store i began to utilize their third floor for my own business with their blessings of course. The owners are quite old and are starting to talk about selling the building, as well as the business. I know if i could come up with the money (the building is worth about 1.7 mil) , i could get a good deal on the building so im looking for an investor to buy the building and let me continue to run my business in it. The perc for them being that i could get it for them below market value and they can flip in a few years if nothing happens with the business. If it does well we can renegotiate a payment plan for them or talk it out from there. I dont really understand fully how investors think or how people look at the real estate market so im wondering if this is a terrible idea or not.


Newsflash: Rental property requires licensed realtor to see house

I’m sorry, this is my first time and I really don’t know what I’m doing. I liked a house and wanted to look at it. I had gone on tours at other places and the agent would just show up and unlock it. But I just got an email about this house that I have to have a licensed agent to let me in. I’m kinda confused on the difference in an agent for renting or buying and unfortunately it seems all the info I can find online is for buyers. I’m also didn’t want to get an agent or apartment hunter or whatever because I don’t want the extra cost. Also, I have no idea how to even find a good one. Or what to even ask to know if it’s a good one. It all just seems overkill for something stupid like just looking at the place I want to rent. Is it unreasonable for me to have to get an agent just to look at the place? The application is online so IDK what he’d do otherwise. Seems like a waste of time on his part. Which tells me I’d need to pay him to show up? I’m confused and kinda annoyed by this honestly. And I really like this house. I’ve been searching really hard to find the right place and this is the first one I’m really interested in. And on top of all this, my lease ends soon; I can’t exactly fiddle around waiting. Sorry this is a wall of text but I’m really out of my element right now and I don’t know what do to about all this. Why is it so hard to find info online about RENTING, not buying?


Newsflash: Is it legal for a landlord to refuse to accept a move-out until after all the rent has been paid?

This is in Kentucky. The issue is whether the landlord has to figure the amount of deposit refund when the tenants move out, or if the landlord can legally wait till all the rent has been paid before considering the tenants to have moved out. Would the tenants keep owing more and more rent because the landlord considers them to still live there? Or can the landlord get in legal trouble by not immediately figuring the total amount owed and issuing a deposit refund which deducts unpaid rent, or a bill if more is owed than the deposit amount?


Newsflash: Any recommendations on Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems for the whole house?

My wife and I are closing on a house next week, and the home contains a lead service line connected from the basement to the front yard. The seller said he wouldn’t replace the lead service line with copper, but said he would add a reverse osmosis filtration system. Can anyone recommend a good reverse osmosis filtration system for the whole house?