Newsflash: Buying neighbor’s property in a cash sale. Questions about closing.

Our neighbor is moving and gave us first offer on her property. It’s 1 acre of land with a single wide mobile home, so bank financing isn’t an option and would have to be a cash sale. My question is how would the closing process work with this kind of sale? Our current home was a traditional mortgage process with a real estate agent. Should I just find a closing attorney on my own to do all the paperwork for us? Any idea on how much these basic kind of closing costs would be? [Alabama]



Newsflash: Do you need a realtor to get MLS / MRIS Listings?

Im having a hard time getting results from my realtor and Id like to be able to see what my options are. Is there a legit way besides zillow to see houses in my area that are actually active? Thanks!


Newsflash: How big a deal are these rising interest rates?

I’m about to lock in the interest rate on my first house. Interest rate at about 4.5%. It’s a little disappointing considering if I bought a month ago it would be considerably lower. Is it really that big a deal though? (I should add I’ll most likely be in this house for 5 years).


Newsflash: 5 questions to ask a potential selling agent?

Getting ready to sell my house. Have created a list of 6 Realtors who have sold more than 1 property in my neighborhood in the last year and cross checked this with Angie’s List and my local Reddot as well as other sources and all have at least 4/5 satisfaction from sellers they represented. Now I need to start setting up interviews and I am stumped about what to ask beyond, “Why should I give you money/business? “What sorts of information is important? What do all of you look for in a realtor? I have a casual friend from high school who is very successful principal broker who works in an adjoining market, and has never sold in mine, who is willing to sell my house. Bad idea?What are the 5 questions, more or less, you ask before hiring a Realtor?


Newsflash: Wanted: arguments for and against waiting for a market downturn to buy a primary residence [SLC].

My wife and I have been discussing the merits of renting until the market dips again before we buy our first home (I will finish school and be poised to buy in the last half of 2019; we’ll buy in/near Salt Lake City). A concern that has arisen is how long after 2019 it will take for the market to dip, and whether the dip would even get below 2019 levels. What are your thoughts?


Newsflash: (CA) Buying a house for my IN-Laws

Hello r/RealEstate!Longs story short, my In-Laws are currently in a living situation that is not sustainable so my wife and I are considering putting a down payment on a house for them to move in to. They both collect disability and my MIL has a small amount of income from some freelance work but suffice it to say their income is very low. Luckily decent homes in their area run around 100-150k so with a 20% down payment (provided by us) they should be able to afford the mortgage. So I just had a few questions:They both collect disability and are on Medicaid, is there a way for this to work to our advantage?Since we will not be living there how does this effect the down payment, taxes, etc… will we have to file it as an investment property?Anything else they we can take advantage of/be aware of?Thanks!


New Story Just Out: A New Survey Finds Eighty Percent Of Women Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

Yet another interesting headline in the world of health and well-being. A New Survey Finds Eighty Percent Of Women Have Experienced Sexual Harassment
A nationwide survey found that most women have experienced some form of sexual harassment, many since their teenage years. The results illustrate why the #MeToo movement was so successful.

Read the full story here

Newsflash: Boiler Problem After Closing

We closed in a house in mid January and have been having problems with our Boiler ever since. We’ve had 3 mechanics out to evaluate and they all say we need a unit. Originally, the pressure relief valve was leaking and the seller agreed to fix the unit. They had it served the day before closing. We closed and now have had continues problems with the valve leaking. I’ve been in contact with my realtor and the other side’s since it started happening day one in the house.We’re still contacting the other side to evaluate if they’re going to do anything. My question is, do I have any legal recourse if they decide they’re not going to offer up any portion of the cost?Location: Alaska


Newsflash: [US] how do you guys feel about using a dual agent?

We are located in the northeast, in a hot market. Considering using a dual agent to avoid hoards of people trampling through our place and breaking/scratching up our precious furniture. We’d then pay 4% instead of 5%. I know I’d have to be careful of the sales price, since it’s obviously a conflict of interest for the agent. Just tempting to avoid having the open houses and cleaning.Thoughts? Advice? Things to be aware of?Edit: location is Northeast region of the US. Will decline to provide a more specific location, so feel free to delete if you think it’s necessary, mods.