Newsflash: House we are bidding on has Mold

House inspection shows mold in attic. We went up ourselves and it even has frost coming though, and we took phptos. There are two big spots of mold, I’ve attached a photo of one of the spots.My question is… Can this be fixed? We want to rip off the roof completely and redo it completely because of the mold (apparently the roof is 14 years old).But does it look like it’s in the walls as well, or could be?Is this something we should just back away from in terms of buying this house?Asking because we are putting an offer today, which is 90k under asking because of the mold issue…House has been up since July… The owner will not fix the mold problem and is selling as is. Won’t even bring a mold specialist in.Thank you for any insight or experiences.


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