Newsflash: Home inspection, what to do? Walk away?

First time home buyer. House is about 20 years old and a lot stuff are from original.1, Downstair AC is not producing acceptable air.”The differential or Delta T should fall between 18 and 22 degree’s. The differential observed for the cooling system was 7-8 degrees.”2, The house has a pool and waterfall rock feature , but the waterfall rock is leaking(big leak). The pool guy didn’t give estimate and recommended structural pool contractor. Pool is in good condition.3, one window is stuck/unable to open and multiple windows are hard to operate.4, bathroom shower caulking/grout was deteriorated and the same spot in downstairs has ceiling stains indicating past or present leaks. How big is the issue?5, Others issues like sink has leaks, hard cold water control reversed, bathroom shower diverter hard to operate, outside pipe valve needs to be replaced, pool pump housing is leaking and needs to be replace, rodent activity, roof has broken tiles(no leaks) and other small/cosmetic issues.I have listed 13 items to have seller to fix and seller is offering 3000 credit. Should we just walk away?The purchase price is already close to high side compare the other similar houses that sold in the neighborhood. We were prepared to romodel the kitchen, floor and carpet, but didn’t plan/budget to change the AC right away or windows.


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