Newsflash: Selling older condo – breaker box hazard?

Hello all, Five years ago I bought a condo that was built back in 79. Well, I need to move and I’m trying to sell. Today the buyer had an inspection and it came up that a safety hazard is that the breaker box is slightly jutting out from the wall. Said it fails to pass code as it is.Breaker box took some pictures and as you can see it only is slightly not flush with the wall. I don’t recall this being an issue with the place when I bought it and I’m having no luck finding any sort of estimate on how I can even get the thing fixed or how much of a money sink this is going to be.I’m already taking the buyers offer at over $10,000 below my listing because I’d like to move soon. Has anyone ever seen this sort of thing before or have any idea as to how best handle it?


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