Newsflash: Room rental deal

I’m a student looking for a room for the upcoming semester and need some advice as this is my first time leasing a room.First thing that seems a little bit off is the pricing ($625) but the rooms around campus are usually ($700 – $800). Who knows, it could just be a good deal.Before meeting at the property, I emailed the individual and exchanged basic information. I kept asking for the address but he wouldn’t say until a couple of hours before the meeting? What gives? Is he trying to protect the property or something?So I’m at the property now and meet up with the individual. The individual gives me a super quick tour (odd…) of the room. At the time of the viewing, I saw the current occupant of the room, which I now realize is a good sign?I tell him that I’m interested in the room, and he tells me that I have to give a security deposit to secure the room. Seems fair, right?I’m looking at Craigslist again today and now there’s a second ad with the same information plus a link to Roomster? Mind you there wasn’t a link to Roomster (only heard negative things about Roomster) in the original ad that I responded to.Is there a way I can get scammed from this? The individual hasn’t mentioned a way to pay the security deposit, so I’m thinking of using PayPal (so I could chargeback just in case something happens) and not cash.I haven’t paid the security deposit yet but I’m going to sign a lease and pay the security deposit on Monday. I’m seeking advice as to whether or not this is legit. To me, it all seemed genuine until I found a second Craigslist ad that included a Roomster link.


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