Newsflash: NBN FttP in street. Developer didn’t install Telecommunications Conduit & claims Renter has to do it (NSW, Australia)

Hi,Sorry if this is the wrong sub…please direct me to the correct one if its inappropriate.​Recently moved into a 3 bedroom house that was built in 2016…and NBN FttP was installed in the street already at that time.The premises is on a subdivided block of land. The house in front has FttP connection but the developer didn’t install any sort of telecommunications conduit when building this house even though its apparently a legal requirement?NBN is unable to connect the premises to the NBN until such a conduit is installed yet the Developer and the Real Estate are trying to claim that it is the renters responsibility.The NBN policy and federal government policies regarding it say that it is the developers responsibility to do this.Digging up the premises to install a telecommunications conduit would not be cheap….and then NBN will charge the person $600AUD as a co payment to connect NBN thru that conduit.I have submitted all the documents and policies to the Real Estate….and they advised that they passed it onto the Developer…..but all I am hearing is silence.My Question is where do i stand legally in all of this as the renter and how can I get some movement on this?I am very happy with the premises otherwise but am not keen on spending big for another persons home or pushing and having them skyrocket the rent for something that should have already been done.I am not comfortable spending thousands to get this installed and increase the value of the developers premises without renumeration….and with the possability of not having my 1 year lease renewed and thus throwing away money to do something the developer was required to do.​Regards,B


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