Newsflash: Checklist for second walkthrough – pre-inspection

So we’re going back for a second walkthrough on a house that checked all the boxes on the first go-round. This time we’re going without kids and are thinking we’ll probably put an offer in afterwards. Obviously we’ll have a professional inspection done if we get an offer accepted, but should we prepare in a particular way for this second showing? Things I’m thinking of are: – measuring tape to measure appliances and whatnot to see if they’re standard – flashlight to check behind boxes around the basement walls (disclosures listed professionally-repaired cracks from a couple years ago) – disclosure also listed “insect” treatment but didn’t specify. Should I bring a long screwdriver and poke around on beams? I assume I should probably instead insist on seeing the pest inspection report or have another done?What am I missing that would be valuable for us in a pre-inspection phase, but beyond “do we like it”?


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