Newsflash: What makes the most sense, using 2 separate realtors or just 1?

I am going to sell my house and buy another house in a town about 20 miles away. Technically one realtor could handle both ends of the deal, and it would probably get me a lower commission to pay if I use the same person. However each realtor is going to have their area of expertise, one in one town and the other in the other town. Does that actually really matter, especially since I am already pretty familiar with the new town and obviously know my current town really well? The other issue is getting the realtor from here to drive the 20 miles each time we want to see a house out there, is that realistic? I think the ideal is to have 2 separate realtors for the 2 transactions, but at these housing prices where I live (Bay Area) even half a percentage point saves me a lot of money!


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