Newsflash: What is Final Underwriting & how long before I’d get paid?

I think it’s getting closer…Selling a home, went through all the inspection, appraisal, I’m “clear to close” (whatever that means) from my title company, and the buyer is in “final underwriting”. I am not entirely sure what “final underwriting” means.​I’m also curious of just how long it typically takes to get paid after closing. So we have a two party close meaning I don’t sit there with the buyer. I guess I just go in, sign some papers and give up the keys etc. Then later they come in and sign.So certainly I wouldn’t be paid until they sign right? So I’m planning on a cashier’s check. Would I get it the same day after they sign? Or how does this work?I don’t mind driving to the title company twice in the same day if they have my money! 🙂 I’m just not sure “how fast” everything works.My title company has a lot of warnings about wiring money and suggests a cashier’s check. Approx how long before I get that?Thanks!


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