Newsflash: Need Advice on New Homeowner’s Rights (Texas) on Remodel When New Home Floods & Sellers Covering Costs on Their Insurance.

I am designing a kitchen remodel for a client who just purchased a home in Texas. Their home had a leak and flooded into kitchen, and the seller’s insurance is covering “replacement” costs since it happened right after closing.The Seller’s are claiming the Buyer’s cannot be in charge of their own remodel and are paying the insurance companies suggested suppliers and contractors directly. The buyer was going to remodel the kitchen anyway as it is outdated and the layout is awful, but wants to have that money go toward materials/labor of their choosing so they actually get what they want and don’t waste money putting in subpar materials with no input on design. The money the sellers are putting into the fix is not going to cover all of what they actually want, but it will be a decent chunk and allow them to get things that are better quality than what is there now. The sellers are pushing back and saying they aren’t allowed to do that and are essentially forcing them into a new kitchen they don’t want.Anyone have advice on what their rights are and if the seller’s truly can dictate what goes into the new kitchen even though it’s not their home anymore? This seems sketchy and completely unfair, and such a waste of money and materials that they would want to rip out anyway (which they probably won’t now and just live with a kitchen they hate).


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