Newsflash: Advice needed: Low offer because of low commission?

Hi all. First time home seller here. Our house has been on the market for 60 days now. It’s currently on the market at $485k and it had a $10k reduction a month ago. It’s had a couple open houses and 26 showings so far and is still getting showings about every other day.The first and only offer came in yesterday for $450k all cash. The buyer also happens to be a customer of my agent so I would only be paying the seller’s agent commission on this. While the all cash offer with short escrow is appealing, our neighbor in the same community with the same floorplan and square footage closed last week at $477k and another neighbor just listed theirs at $550k. So it doesn’t seem like we’re priced unreasonably. Factoring in the fact that the commission is cut in half, this offer would be effectively around $10k below the most recent sales comp.Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.


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