Newsflash: Sellers did not disclose foundation break and drainage problems.

We had a home inspection done today for our new Ohio home. The major issue is 1 foundation wall that had been “fixed” by installing vertical iron beams to keep the wall from buckling. Seems as though an uncorrected drainage issue had caused frozen water to accumulate and crack the wall. The sellers did not disclose this. Also, there is evidence of digging around the exterior perimeter at the site of the “fix” that is very recent. This was also not disclosed.We do not yet know if there is a transferrable warranty for the “fix.” We have a call out to the seller’s realtor. Regardless, I’m thinking the whole basement wall should be replaced. I mean, someday when we want to sell the house, it will be an issue for us. Without getting structural repair estimate, we think this 1 wall may cost about 10k to replace.Question is, if the “fix” has a warranty and guarentee, should I press on for replacement? It’s a big ticket item, so I imagine we could negotiate lowering the sale price. What do you think?


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