Newsflash: Need advice for an interesting real estate case

Im currently located in New Orleans, LA and have been working in a store in the french quarter. The store is in a 4 story building right by the mississippi river, all owned by the owners of the store. While working in the store i began to utilize their third floor for my own business with their blessings of course. The owners are quite old and are starting to talk about selling the building, as well as the business. I know if i could come up with the money (the building is worth about 1.7 mil) , i could get a good deal on the building so im looking for an investor to buy the building and let me continue to run my business in it. The perc for them being that i could get it for them below market value and they can flip in a few years if nothing happens with the business. If it does well we can renegotiate a payment plan for them or talk it out from there. I dont really understand fully how investors think or how people look at the real estate market so im wondering if this is a terrible idea or not.


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