Newsflash: Selling House-Stuck With Three Sub-Optimal Options

Because of course, if I had my ‘druthers, we would leave some of our furniture, take the rest and the remainder of our stuff, and stage.But we cant do that–we are moving to another state and only have the movers for one weekend (husbands company is paying for the actual relocation, but nothing to do with the sale of the house). So here are our options now (and FWIW, our home is in Oklahoma, 2600 sq ft, built in the early 90s, one of the top school districts in state)Leave some of our furniture to stage, let the movers move the remainder of it with the rest of our stuff, and then have to get a uhaul to move the rest later.Cons: the expense of the truck and the additional time are one. But another is that we will be moving into probably a second story apartment, and if we have to move part of it ourselves, we wont have any help. (We also have a toddler, to further complicate matters.)Our furniture isnt wonderful but i think we have enough good stuff to make a decent stage. I have a design background but not in interiors, so I have an eye for things but not necessarily all the theory that goes behind it.We could move all of our stuff down there and hire a staging company. This would be at least $1500, possibly more, with no guarantee of recouping.We could show a vacant house. Our realtor seems to think this is fine, and says virtual staging is an option (I think she said it would be 150 bucks??) But I’ve always heard vacant homes sell for less and/or take longer.We have to sell this house before we can get another. I dont want to be stuck in a rental long term, especially with kids. Please help.


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