Newsflash: Sell Home For Sale By Owner

We are selling our home FSBO, had some showings and received some offers. The offer we are going to accept is from someone that used to be a Real Estate agent. This is good, as she is going to do all the paperwork and stuff, I just want to make sure she doesn’t do anything sneaky on me. During the negotiations, we agreed on a price without appliances and she agreed to a “bill of sale” for the refrigerator and stove at the time of closing that is separate from the offer to purchase the home.This is our first home and our first time selling a home. Is there anything we should look out for from the contract/paperwork she presents us? Anything sneaky that she may try to do?My plan was just to compare the paperwork she gives us to the initial paperwork we signed when we bought the house and make sure it looks the same.


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