Newsflash: Homeowner not allowing assessment of water in basement.

Hi all,My partner and I are in the process of buying our first house and we’ve just had the home inspection done. The day of the inspection we found water in the basement (which was not there when we initially looked at the house). The water is coming up out of a hole and when you step around the hole the floor presses down and makes more water come out, like a little geyser. It is very small, but the water it was letting in was not insubstantial. There were a bunch of other issues with the house, some that the current homeowner is going to fix and a bunch of others that we let go because we were going to update them anyways. However, the homeowner will not let any further examination of the basement floor happen, either on their behalf or ours. There was a very good amount of rain the previous two days before the inspection, so I understand there being water. We just want it assessed by a professional so we have some idea of what we’re getting into, but the homeowner will not budge, or concede any money towards the repair, and has made it very clear that that is final.Is this a red flag, or are we being too nit-picky about this situation?Thanks.


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