Newsflash: Smart Keyless/keyed locks for a 3 unit multi family

I’m looking for any advice about purchasing locks for a 3 unit multi family. I’ve been looking around, and I love the idea of, and having a system of interchangeable cores, but they don’t offer anything with keypad entry.I also see a lot of value in the newer smart locks. I think many tenants are going to start wanting these types of features in units ( at least where I am located). I also like the idea of not needing to carry around a big ring of keys. Having a log of entry to the common spaces is a potentially useful tool in the event of an incident. Plus, I’d like to be able to manage codes from an app/phone/ computer, have it send me an alert if an exterior door is left open for a long period of time, be able to let service people/contractors into the common spaces without having to be present, inform me of low battery etc. I’d love it if the tenants could use some of the smart features of the locks too like Auto Unlock, be able to give out temporary or time restricted codes to guests, house cleaners, dog walkers etc. but this is not a deal breaker for me.In an ideal world my exterior locks would: •be weatherproof •Have a physical pushbutton keypad (I don’t trust the touch screen ones to hold up to abuse/winters/ people trying to get in with gloves on) •have some sort of smart capability built in. •Not allow tenants to add codes without permission, or notifying me. •have a keyed backup Incase of battery failure or whatever. And in an ideal world my unit locks would: •have interchangeable cores •be able to share a master key with my exterior locks. •have physical key back up, with easy to change interchangeable cores. •be attractive. •have some sort of smart capability built in. •be from the same manufacturer as the exterior locks. The Yale assure series seems to be a great choice, especially as it allows you to set a master pin, and user pins, it is from a reputable brand, and the smart part is a “module” that you can swap to be compatible with a wide variety of different systems, which in theory keeps it future proof.Just wondering if anyone else had any experience with these locks? Or could recommend a different brand or system? Thanks for the advice!


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