Newsflash: Asking for HOA documents

I’m a first time homebuyer who is interested in purchasing a townhome. I’ve been requesting information from my buyers agent (land survey, HOA, disclosures etc. )When requesting the HOA documents my agent told me to call the property management company and get it myself. There is a fee associated with getting the documents. There is also a transfer fee for the HOA that I’ve been unable to get an answer on.I told my agent to work with the listing agent to get the HOA documents. I don’t feel like I should be paying a fee as an interested buyer. My agent seems annoyed by this and hasn’t been able to answer several questions so far. Am I asking for too much by requesting the HOA documents and trying to avoid the fee?Also – the house itself is near a run off area where no fencing has been setup which has deterred other buyers. The HOA said a fence could be put up, but, the buyer would have to pay for it. I don’t have a number on this either.


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