Newsflash: How do I know my agent is working in my interest?

Hi All,I have a nagging question for a very long time. I have been using this agent for the past year as a buyer. Most of the time, I am the one that did the research and come up with a list of properties to invest. Then I will forward the agent the list to schedule a visit.The agent and her family are property investors themselves. They have been buying, selling and keeping properties through out the years. Additionally they have many deep pocket investors. Ethnicity perhaps played a little role here, they are Asian.I have this issue when the good properties I find (I know I am not the best investor) often disappear after I recommend to my agent. Besides, what is stopping my agent from competing with me or recommending the properties I come up with to their preferred client (all cash, large transaction volume)? Placing myself in my agents shoes, I can totally see the temptation.How can I prevent this from happening? Should I find a new agent which is young, poor and hungry? I felt that real estate is one industry where fiduciary responsibility can be subjective at time.


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