Newsflash: A warning about insurance and cancelling a contract (Liberty Mutual)

Hey guys. Ive been house shopping and ended up in a snag. I was looking at a property beforehand, and it required Flood on top of home. Was told to buy my 12 month policy upfront to satisfy my lender.When the home inspection happened, I decided to cancel on the house and look for another. Cancelling that policy. Was told I would get my refund “soon.” Liberty mutual seems to have other plans. Its been weeks now, and theyre adamant that my refund take place on my intended policy date. So Im out 2,300 dollars until then.While esurance gave me my 1,500 refund back within 3 days for the house I found after. After I found cheaper insurance for it. Already. Now Im stuck trying to make a deal work on that future house. And it appraised low. And look at me now. I have limited funds because libertymutual wants to hide the sausage in the blanket. When their competitors had no problem.And what sucks is since you have to buy so much insurance up front before you even close. You have no warning if the first insurance company is going to do this. So my advice is simply try not to use Liberty mutual. Anyone else ever have an experience like this? Is it understandable Liberty would hold out for so long when Esurance didnt?


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