Newsflash: Landlord reneging on verbal agreement

Long story short, when our landlord came by as we were moving in, my roommate asked if it was okay if we put up “curtains or blinds” in the front windows. (I specifically remember her saying “curtains or blinds” because I was worried she wouldn’t ask about blinds.) The landlord said “sure.” It’s a huge window looking out at the street, so of course we ordered the blinds right away. The window is so big that we had to get custom, and they were pricey. They’re inside mount, fwiw. And we were planning on leaving them when we moved out, so it’s really free money for the landlord.Fast forward a week, and the landlord’s sister (who won’t actually let us speak directly to the landlord… but that’s a different story) is saying that he told us that we could only put up curtains, but not blinds. Of course, it’s way too late to cancel the blinds. The only reasoning the sister gave us was that “it’s a lot easier to repair drywall” (presumably she meant easier than repairing wood trim, which is where the blinds would be mounted). It’s simple shaker wood trim, painted white. From what I’ve seen online, it couldn’t be much easier to repair with wood putty, and we have the exact paint used for the trim.Any ideas on what to do? I’m inclined to just put up the stupid blinds and fix the holes when we leave, but the landlord’s family business is across the street, and I don’t want to have problems with them. Our lease does say we can’t “obstruct or cover windows or doors,” but I’m not worried about that either since curtains are window coverings too. I guess a diplomatic solution would be best, but I’m too irritated to think of a friendly, rational solution right now.Any advice/thoughts appreciated. Thanks!


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