Newsflash: Changing the color on a spec house (new build)

We are in the process of closing on a new build which is a spec house, closing date later next month. The house is completely done except for the exterior paint which they can’t paint until the weather becomes consistently above 40°.I’ve just found out the color of the house is white with white trim which is a current “trend” of farmhouse look. Their sales person said they always build a farmhouse styled spec house in every community as part of their “variety of houses”. Most of the houses around are dual colored (white trim with another color) so I was caught off guard by this.They haven’t painted the house yet so I asked for a color change but they said they can’t, and that I would have to re-paint it after closing. My realtor thinks it’s a cost issue but said she’d talk to them to see what can be done.Is there anything I can do, anyone I can speak with about this? This is a cosmetic issue only. Inspection went off without a hitch. The builder has built all the houses in the community and in other communities. It is their general policy not to change anything in a spec house.Since the house isn’t custom built, everything was already decided and most of it was already built before we made an offer. I should have asked what the color was but didn’t have a strong opinion about it and figured it would be tastefully done like the rest of the neighborhood.Also, there’s a chance they will have to paint it after closing date because of the weather. The bank will escrow the painting money until they finish. Is there anything I can do now or after closing (if it hasn’t been painted) to get them to change colors? It’s an otherwise great house for our family and we are excited about moving into it.


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