Newsflash: Can my son live in an apartment I own with no tax consequences?

My son is moving to Georgia for a new job and I am considering buying an apartment there for him to live in and eventually rent out. The apartment is in a building with an HOA and their policies prohibit anyone other than the owner or spouse of the owner to occupy the property. However, if the property is owned by an LLC, the HOA allows for the LLC to designate an occupant of the property. I have been exploring the option of forming a single-member LLC, which obviously is a pass-through entity. The question is this: My son will be paying for the monthly HOA dues as well as the property tax on the property. Would this be considered taxable income to the LLC? If he were to simply transfer me x amount of dollars per month, and then I were to pay the HOA and tax bills myself, would this technically be considered tax fraud?


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