Newsflash: Appliance snafu

So, we’re selling our home. Buyers want the fridge and washer/dryer. No problem. They want repairs to the roof, baseboards, water heater flue, faucets, window, cabinets, etc. Ok, have them repaired, not good enough. Offer $2000 in concession so they can fix it themselves.After all of them, they send over an addendum that just had the stove and fridge on it. No washer and dryer. We ask our agent if they just took didnt want washer and dryer, she says yea I guess so.Cue to today (they moved in 18 days before closing) of course they wanted the washer and dryer….agent is telling us we need to buy a new washer and dryer for $1600 (we bought used for $300). Am I nuts for thinking this isn’t my fault and I’m not liable? Should I get a lawyer?



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