Newsflash: Multiple Rate Locks?

Is it bad to switch lenders after locking with a particular lender?Background: I locked with a lender (30 year VA) at 4% 0 points 0 fees. I felt comfortable about it and was happy with his service.A few days later, a competing lender came back with a better offer after I told her I’m going with the other lender. (She originally didn’t respond which is why I locked with the other lender). She came at 3.875%.I haven’t paid for any appraisals yet but I did sign the initial disclosures with the first guy.My question is: is it bad or illegal in any way to switch lenders at this point or to have multiple rate locks? I feel bad because I told the first guy I would go with him and now he’s been working on my file. Anyone have any experience with this or suggestions on what I should do?Is business just business and I should switch?



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