Newsflash: Need some advice for a first time house buyer. Fear the house is high maintenance ?

Liked a single family home to buy, but a little skeptic after reading the previous work done on the house.Stucco replacement on the right side elevation of the room and frame repairing of the south side of living room due to water seeping in between stucco paper and framing in year 2000. It costed $21,000.This is a recurring problem according to the report but the report said it occurred so soon again due to work not done properly in the previous repair (year 1999) and also due to stucco. Don’t know if stucco was replaced in 1999 though.Vinyl siding was done too in year 2000. Costed $25,000.There was water intrusion problem in rear and front bedroom too but the owner didn’t get that fixed.Back deck was repaired in 2001 costing $2480.What would you guys suggest? Would this house need very high maintenance or we should be okay with small repairs here and there? Stucco is expensive and don’t want to go through this every few years.


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