Newsflash: [Austin, TX] Realtor/prop manager by the hour

I’m looking for leads (and reviews) on agents who can be paid by the hour to show rental properties and do walk-throughs twice or so a year. Seems to me that it is standard to pay one month in leasing fee and 8-10% per month. I am NOT arguing that it is too much to ask, I’d rather just do the coordinating marketing/screening/repairs myself and just have someone represent us on the ground at a lower cost because of poor cash flow. Also, I’m looking at shorter than 12 month leases and this seems to be a struggle for PMs.I am not new to this – I manage rentals in another state with the help of a trusted real estate agent where I pay him $80 per hour (usually about 3 hours for open house, an hour each walk through for move in and move out, plus additional if necessary), but I am newer to the Austin scene. I am just looking for someone who is more resourceful and flexible, not arguing the pros and cons of PMs.


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