Newsflash: Is it acceptable for our buyers agent to schedule the appraisal resolution date and loan objection date on the same day?

Hello, If an experienced agent from Colorado could please help me with an issue. I have a concern about the Appraisal Resolution Deadline and the Loan Objection Deadline. Both of these dates are on the same day. This does not make sense to me. We are waiting to hear back about the appraisal but I would like to address this as soon as possible. If the appraisal does come back below the purchase price, and we pay the difference, then it would change the terms of the loan. So how could we possibly be expected to complete both of these deadlines on the same day? I understand that if the appraisal comes back at or above the purchase price then the loan will not change in that regard. However, I feel that the date for the loan objection deadline is pushed up way too soon. We close two full weeks after the loan objection deadline, with only a radon resolution date in between, which would also affect the loan. As I understand common practice, the loan objection deadline is normally 3-5 days before the closing date. We are first time home buyers and learning lots of new information about real estate. We have also learned that our agent got her license 4 months ago and have had several date conflicts at this point. Our agent doesn’t explain anything to us and just waits for us to ask questions. Then generically answers them and provides no other options for us. The sellers are under the impression that they have all the power in this market and are unwilling for any negotiation or date changes (our agent has been telling us). This gives me no assurance that I will be able to see my final loan numbers on time and be able to feel comfortable with a half a million dollar purchase. Please if someone could provide any information or advise on how we could move forward. We would be very appreciative.Update: We asked for a newer agent and wanted the principal broker to help us with our transaction. we started recording our buyer’s agent and he is lying to us. Has anyone dealt with reporting an agent to the board? Can I get released from our buyer’s agent agreement? Can anyone give me some help? I feel like I have done this entire process by my self.


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