Newsflash: Land survey

Thank you for the tip about not splitting the cost with a neighbpr for a land surveyI am in Marrietta, Georgia. East Cobb County. My next door neighbor wants to see my land survey. I don’t have one, I thought the GIS was sufficient and accurate but apparently it isn’t either. Shouldn’t my neighbor hire a surveyor if she wants to know the boundaries? Why would she be asking for mine?


New Story Just Out: After Calf’s Death, Orca Mother Carries It For Days In ‘Tragic Tour Of Grief’

Yet another interesting headline in the world of health and well-being. After Calf’s Death, Orca Mother Carries It For Days In ‘Tragic Tour Of Grief’
What began as a moment of joy ended in tragedy when the infant died last week. Since then its mother has refused to let go, holding her child tightly in what experts call a moving expression of grief.

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Newsflash: When will cap rates rise?

Cap rates are getting very close to current interest rates in multi family properties, and I’ve even seen incidencies of cap rates lower than the interest rate.Why are people still buying in the face of that headwind? Do they really think they can create that much of a value add?Furthermore, if the rates do get inverted, what kind of opportunities does that create?


Newsflash: Power cables near new property

Looking for some advice.I’m a first time buyer in the UK and I’ve had one issue raised from a survey carried out on the property I’m proceeding with that has given me cause for concern. The survey has come back that there are power cables nearby and that this could be a health concern.I’ve now gone down the rabbit hole with this, with highly regarded research pieces saying it’s fine but forums saying we may as well be moving into Chernobyl. While my health fears have been mitigated by reading well sourced research, my fear is that we could face issues selling further down line.I’ve spent the afternoon looking at house sales in the area over the last six years and houses in the surrounding area are still selling (on an average of 120 days from listing), but I’m still concerned. It’s an absolutely beautiful four bed house so I’d be gutted to lose it, but I just want to be sure I’m doing the right thing.Anyone have any experience of anything like this? Am I over-thinking or suitably cautious? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Newsflash: Foreign Real estate investment – looking some pointer

Anyone has experience in purchasing and investing in real estate market in foreign country? SE Asia to be specific. I really do appreciate some pointers to get me started.I do have some capital that I plan to invest in real estate, and the real estate scene in SE Asia is booming very fast at the moment, especially in rental market. And with the current capital comparing with the real estate price over there, I can acquire more properties in SE Asia while the average rent is about the same, if not more, comparing to US rent.On of the plan I have is to open a Corp over here and acquire properties under the Corp name, as foreign entity.Note: I’m originally from SE Asia so I do have a lot of interest in its real estate market and I will have a lot of help over to manage the properties.


Newsflash: Buying a House with Vermiculite in the Attic. Can I renegotiate Closing Cost/Terms?

My wife and I are buying an old fixer upper in a town we really like. It’s a beautiful Brick House built around 1880. Structural it is sound and the inspection came back pretty good, or at least what we expected.However, there is Vermiculite in the attic, which has a 70% chance of containing Asbestos. Really, professionals just assume that all Vermiculite contains Asbestos. Even though it is in the attic (which is considered OKAY), for peace of mind, and because our house will need a new roof in 3 years or so, we want the Asbestos gone. Asbestos Abatement for this situation could cost 2000, to 4,000.Our original closing cost is 33,900. What I want to know is, is it reasonable/fair/legal, to renegotiate the closing cost to cover the abatement? Is that something we can ask for? I wanted to get your opinion before bringing this to my real estate agent.Thanks for any insight.


Newsflash: Is it acceptable for our buyers agent to schedule the appraisal resolution date and loan objection date on the same day?

Hello, If an experienced agent from Colorado could please help me with an issue. I have a concern about the Appraisal Resolution Deadline and the Loan Objection Deadline. Both of these dates are on the same day. This does not make sense to me. We are waiting to hear back about the appraisal but I would like to address this as soon as possible. If the appraisal does come back below the purchase price, and we pay the difference, then it would change the terms of the loan. So how could we possibly be expected to complete both of these deadlines on the same day? I understand that if the appraisal comes back at or above the purchase price then the loan will not change in that regard. However, I feel that the date for the loan objection deadline is pushed up way too soon. We close two full weeks after the loan objection deadline, with only a radon resolution date in between, which would also affect the loan. As I understand common practice, the loan objection deadline is normally 3-5 days before the closing date. We are first time home buyers and learning lots of new information about real estate. We have also learned that our agent got her license 4 months ago and have had several date conflicts at this point. Our agent doesn’t explain anything to us and just waits for us to ask questions. Then generically answers them and provides no other options for us. The sellers are under the impression that they have all the power in this market and are unwilling for any negotiation or date changes (our agent has been telling us). This gives me no assurance that I will be able to see my final loan numbers on time and be able to feel comfortable with a half a million dollar purchase. Please if someone could provide any information or advise on how we could move forward. We would be very appreciative.Update: We asked for a newer agent and wanted the principal broker to help us with our transaction. we started recording our buyer’s agent and he is lying to us. Has anyone dealt with reporting an agent to the board? Can I get released from our buyer’s agent agreement? Can anyone give me some help? I feel like I have done this entire process by my self.