Newsflash: Home mortgage asking for more % down or to remove one spouse income from the loan, does this put either of us on shaky ground in the future?

Sorry, I didn’t know how to ask a concise question in the title, but here’s the deal.My wife and I are about to purchase our first home. Our loan guy called me today and said we’re not capable of taking advantage of some program because together we make too much money for the area. He says our options are to put a higher down payment (He says 15% minimum, we’re currently putting down 5%) and move to a ‘traditional loan’ or continue on our course with our 5% down and remove one of us from the loan so our combined income doesn’t exclude us from this program. The home title would still be in both my wife and my name together, but the loan would only be in one of our names.My wife and I have a great relationship and I’m not insinuating things will go wrong, but if 10 years from now things go south is this just going to cause a huge mess of splitting the house 50/50 but only one person is responsible for the mortgage?We live in Cleveland Ohio.


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