Newsflash: Two agents are pricing my condo lower than what I want

Location: Chicagoland area, IllinoisI’m rehabbing a 2 bed/2bath condo in which a tenant of mine passed and lived there for 15 years. Outdated and dirty but will look like a dream once done.Both agents are pricing my unit according to recent sales. Is there a way around this?Example: A 2bed/2bath on the 2nd floor sold for 92K. I knew the situation behind this unit but seems that realtors only see the numbers. This unit was outdated and was forced into a quick sale because the elderly owner became ill and was put into a nursing home. The niece needed to sell it ASAP to pay for bills. Someone bought the unit quickly and turns out it’s an investor whose going to rehab it.Now one realtor told me I can sell my place for 100k and the other said list it at 115k but be ready to sell it around 105K.I just don’t understand why I cannot raise the price higher since I’m remodeling the entire unit and my unit is on the first floor. No need to take an elevator/stairs.I’m spending over 17k in remodeling costs.


New Story Just Out: LISTEN: Dolphins Use Targeted Echolocation To Plan Their Hunting Dives

Yet another interesting headline in the world of health and well-being. LISTEN: Dolphins Use Targeted Echolocation To Plan Their Hunting Dives
Oxygen is a precious resource for dolphins. A new study suggests they use it efficiently by remembering what they learn during a dive, then applying that information to future foraging expeditions.

Read the full story here

Newsflash: Buy another house (for primary residence) before selling current one? I don’t want to sell current one first and then have to rent and feel rushed for another one. I also don’t want to buy that ours will sell contingency. HELOC an option from current home/other ideas?

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Newsflash: Wholesaling

(Charleston) Was just looking to hear opinions from other wholesalers about how they draw attention to their business. Charleston is a super hot market but with that comes tons and tons of other investors, agents, etc. Just wanted to hear some opinions about what you find is most successful to obtain leads, and after you obtain them what you do to stand out amongst competition. Thanks!


Newsflash: Buying a house from family, (NY)

I was thinking of buying a house from my aunt she is currently renting it out but it gives her a headache. Me and my aunt are very close.I was thinking instead of going through a bank, I could borrow money from my aunt to pay for the house and just give her the interests directly. Win win from both parties involved.But how would that work? I would have to hire a lawyer? She is old around 60, what if she dies and her son who isn’t the best has to get involved.Who would own the house as i’m making payments? I guessing she does until it’s paid in full. What if she dies and her son gets involved and is like no I want this house. Breach of contract? I suppose? Could it be setup as I am making payments my % of ownership increases? So if it was 30 years by 15 years, i’m the majority?


Newsflash: What must I do to not get sued doing a subject to deal?

I am in Portland Oregon.I feel overwhelmed with all the paperwork that goes into buy a home. Memos Sale contract Title companies InsuranceMy plan is to get a subject to on a house. I plan to start paying payments in 1 – 3 months which can give me time to market the house for tenants.


Newsflash: Need help Understanding Appraisal Notes on a House

I am having trouble understanding what the person who wrote the apprasial of property mean. Is he trying to say that he suspect that there is a lead poison or he does not?Conditions of Appraisal The subject was built before 1978 and the presence of lead based paint is a possibility. The report has been made subject to the either the removal of the peeling paint from the west side of the subject garage as well as from underneath the rear overhang of the subject property2nd floor or 3rd partyverification that the paint is not lead based.


Newsflash: We started our house hunting process in the wrong order. No agent (yet) but we want to make an offer ASAP. Help? [WI]

Apologies in advance for sounding like a dunderhead. My husband and I are first time home buyers (obviously) seeking advice. We are pre-approved for a mortgage and have been contacting listing agents and touring homes on our own. We found a house we like, but realized that we have no idea how to submit an offer. (Oh, this is probably why people hire agents…) We’d like to make an offer ASAP. Do we try to meet with an agent today and have them submit an offer on our behalf? Would they even help us out on a whim like that? Are there other alternatives?


Newsflash: How would my student loan debt affect the mortgage I’m approved for?

New to this sub and I could use some advice. We live in New York City and will likely stay in the tri-state area. My wife and I have $180k in student loan debt between the two of us ($100k is mine, $80k is hers). At the moment we are both planning for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, which won’t take effect for about 8-9 years from now. And the loan balance won’t go down by much throughout that time because our payments are deliberately low to get the maximum amount forgiven.How would a loan officer look at that debt in terms of approving a mortgage for, say, $300k in 1-3 years from now? Our combined gross income is $160k at the moment, hopefully will rise with cost-of-living at least.


Newsflash: Best app/website to search for condos?

A lot of websites like trulia, redfin, etc. do not differntiate between a coop and a condo, and lump them together in search results. Are there are sites/app that separates them? The only one that I’ve found so far is Streeteasy.