Newsflash: Sell as is, or.. inherited house Bay Area (CA)

I have a few questions! Ok, short story.. I inherited a house in the bay area, California. Vallejo to be exact, in the nicer part. Homes in my neighborhood are nice and lovely people.I’m not sure what to do. It needs a bit of work to make it what I consider to me move in ready. I’d want to update washer/dryer, fridge. A section of floor in the kitchen got water damage from the sink overflowing a couple times… laminate floors, bathrooms are dated, walls are peach color, kitchen being brown, with brown cabinets, and corian counters. Outside… well, the landscaping is horrible in my opinion.. LOTS of garden planters even in front yard, with astroturf for green and some stone pathway work. To me, sure it’s ugly as all heck.My biggest question I guess would be… should I dump some money into it and make it more presentable, or just sell it as is.Last CMA went for about 450k.. last year, zillow shows similar going for 440-490k.It’s the only single story house on the block. Retired persons dream, and a small view of the bay.I owe about 130k on the mortgage. I have limited funds to toss at the house.Maybe someone can just give me some pointers.I’m also living in it while I try to figure out what to do.


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