Newsflash: FHA vs 20% down (US/VA)

Ok, so I plan on buying a condo with a price between 75k-100k, but I have a few questions before I start to make plans.Are FHA loans harder to be approved for if your credit isn’t the best? Or are regular mortgages harder to get?How much would an FHA loan add on over time to the total price of the condo? I know about the PMI, but unsure how to calculate it.Is a condo a good first house, or should I go for something else to make it easier to be approved for a loan?Is it a good idea to use your 401k (like a loan from it) to help get the down payment on a house, and would it affect chances of getting a mortgage loan?Final Question: Should I go through my personal bank or a Credit Union for a mortgage? Unsure how to get into a CU, but I’ve heard good things about them.Any help or additional advice for a first time buyer would be greatly appreciated.


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