Newsflash: (VA) Conflicting information on what happens to the state tax lien if the bank forecloses on a home.

I had a failing business and tried to save it for a couple of years. I had been delinquent in remitting the sales tax I was collecting. I now have a state tax lien on my home for around $50kThere is no equity on my home and the bank gave me a foreclosure date. As far as I understand, in order for the bank to foreclose on my home, they have to pay my tax lien And the lien will be satisfied. The bank can then come after me for the deficiency.However, I’ve heard some short sale specialists that I talked to say that is not true, but another said the opposite. They said that if my home goes into foreclosure and there is not enough equity the tax liens will be removed and transfer to me personally.Please help!


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