Newsflash: (CA) I wan to build a guest house, but my neighbors oppose it. Now we are going to a hearing. I would like some advice on what to do next.

I live in California, and I want to build a guest house in my backyard for my mother to live. I rent out a room for AirBnB, and I just found out my neighbor does not like it. They oppose the construction because of my AirBnB. They did not say anything to me before till now. I only found out because they send email to city hall stating my AirBnB as a reason they do not want the guest house build for fear of me renting that out as well. Another neighbor does not want me to build it because she thinks it could lower the value of her home.I plan on talking to me neighbor and telling them I would stop the AirBnB if they would allow me to build my guest house. I am not sure how to approach the neighbor who said my guest house would lower their house value.I would like some advice on what I should do next. What happens if I cannot convince my neighbors to allow me to build the guest house, and we proceed to the hearing? What are my chances of getting my house build despite the neighbors concern?Thanks in advance for any advice.


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