Newsflash: Selling without realtors, what do I need to look out for?

Im looking to sell my house in April next year and my neighbor knows this. Her brother in law came over to my place and inquired about purchasing and to keep him in the loop once I want to sell. He said he would like to do so without realtors so everyone could save some money. I am open to the idea because I am in a hot city and the realtor fees are ridiculous when the house basically will sell itself once on the market. Also, it would be nice as i’d be able to negotiate some extra time in the house as I will be searching for a house to move into. I’m in Texas since the bot cares about that.-What do I need to look out for when selling without a realtor as to not be screwed over? I will have the contract looked over by a real estate attorney.-Should I take a bit lower price since I’ll be coming out about 15k ahead without a realtor if it comes down to it?-How do I make sure he is a qualified buyer?Thanks so much for your help!



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