Newsflash: Favorite tenant screening site? [L.A. CA]

Hi there! First time managing properties. I’m getting ready to advertise a rental that will be available here in a few weeks in los Angeles CA. I’m wondering what the fastest and most stress free screening process there is for me to use. I would like for the potential tenant to pay for the screening and have the results emailed to me. I’ve narrowed it down to Tenant Magic & I’ve set up an account with Tenant Magic. That one seems too good to be true but atlas I’m having issues editing the rental inquiries to show the rental price and date of availability with Tenant Magic. So I’m waiting for an email back with customer service. looks user friendly and even has a quality app but I’ve read the screening isn’t a full screen.So here is my quesrion. What are your favorite tenant screening sites? What are the advantages? What are the let downs? And what are the ones to stay away from? Thank you in advance for your time and any info you may have to contribute. I really appreciate it as I’m losing sleep trying to find the best.



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