Newsflash: (US) How would I go about on getting involved in real estate development?

I have always had an interest in real estate, especially the development aspect of it. My interest grew high when I started attending REI meetings, however I couldn’t go anymore as my their meetings and my schedule with my business/school didn’t line up properly.I went to school for something totally on the different end of business/real estate.Some have told me to get involved by becoming a RE agent, however that’s not quite what I’m really interested in.I’m located in NYC, so I consider myself in a good spot already. I did find a school that does have a degree in RE development, but I also have been told it would be a waste of time.I was thinking about reaching out to someone in the field and possibly work with them for free. Any suggestions on how I could possibly get my feet wet in the door would be great!Also, in regards to development, residential housing/apartments.Thanks



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