Newsflash: Prep house better or get on market sooner?

Our mother died and we, her family, intend to sell her house. I now live 6 hours away, and my sisters are in charge of getting the home ready for going on the market.However, that process is not going quickly. Our mom had a lot of possessions and they are unable to do the clean-out quickly. Although I moved out of there in late August, the process still isn’t done. One of them now has had a medical event such that I can see this process dragging out for months more. (And this is after my living there for 2 years, during which we–of course!–barely did any of this work, unfortunately).We all want to close out our mother’s estate and be done with this whole process but also get a fair value for the house. The estate is also paying the property taxes on the house and the utilities, so each month the house sits there–all other things being equal–is costing us each about a few hundred of our inheritance for no good reason.Question: Is it more advisable to get the house in more perfect “showing” condition, with no stray boxes, and everything “staged” nicely….or to just get the house on the market ASAP?Keep in mind, the house looks quite good and needs no major renovations and was kept neat while our mother lived there. We also have two nibbles, from a neighbor and a family friend, interested in possibly buying the house as an investment.What should we do? Thanks!



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