Newsflash: [PA] Cash flow vs Investment, or both?

I’m 29 with about 250K in cash savings. About 100K in home equity. Earn about 100K/year depending on bonuses. Posted over on /r/FinancialIndependence but got a mixed response.My goal was to transition from my current job into a more self-employed property management type role. Unfortunately, I have no real estate background and no General Contractor background. I got excited when I changed my shower head all on my own.Also, the people on Financial Independence and Personal Finance usually take my questioning as an investment opportunity. Not worried if 250K performs better in a S&P index vs multiple properties over 30 years. I’m more interested in the cash flow aspect of real estate.In a perfect world, I take my 350K and put up the down payments on 10 various 175K duplex apartments. This gives me about $8,000 per month in mortgage payments. Maybe each tenant pays $1000 per month, so I’m bringing in $20,000 per month in rent. Nothing ever breaks, taxes and insurance don’t exist, and the tenants always pay on time and never need evicting. My math leaves me with $12,000 per month or $144,000 gross per year. A more realistic number might leave me around 60K per year, before income tax whacks me.Don’t jump down my throat, this is some pipe dream concept. I understand that the market can shift and get royally fucked with 10 upside-down mortgages. I understand unsavory folks can trash the place and destroy every major appliance. And lawyers cost a royal shit ton.However I am extremely interested in the cash flow aspect of property management. Property goes up over time, as does the stock market. Whether I make 10% in stocks or 7% in property value…that doesn’t matter to me right now.What matters is my weekly/monthly living wage. Financial securities pay dividends and whatnot, but I just re-invest it so the nest egg grows. Real Estate increases in value and also seems to provide potential for regular cash flow. But I’m confused how this differs from dividends.What’s the difference between gains from rent collection, vs withdrawing blue chip stock dividends? Why is my perception here skewed? I feel like I can live off the rental property gains each month…but can’t see living off of the dividends from $350K invested in the stock market?What am I missing?How’s the best way to get started? I’m think duplex in my hometown. It’s a Hispanic migrant worker town, folks who are intimidated or simply not legally allowed to purchase. 200K homes renting for $2500. 175K Duplex could pull in $2000 per month.Anyone with insight, tips or flat out correcting my nonsense here would be appreciated.



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