Newsflash: [TX] Is potential realtor hustling me?

5 1/2 years ago, I bought a small house in an older neighborhood off by itself for $122,000. None of the houses in the neighborhood have comps because residents either pass them around to family members or sell privately to investors for rental property.The town is highly sought after because it has one of the best public school systems in the greater area of millions of people, and a very safe community. Houses have gone up probably 200% in that time. I think the average home price for the area is over 400k. I don’t think a house (in any condition) has gone on the market and sold for less than 200k because it’s a small town that’s at buildout.My husband works 40 miles away, so I thought I’d look into selling the house. I contacted a realtor and asked if it would be better to repair and list, or to sell to an investor for cash. It needs minor foundation adjustments to previous repairs, and some cosmetic updates from almost 6 years of wear and tear. There are two streets of homes with very similar size lots and age of homes. All of them have sold for 200-260k in the past year or more.I met with the realtor today to look over my home, and he’d already been speaking with an investor. He walked through the home and told me that repairs would be more than I thought because of foundation, and emphasized that it’s a minimum of 3600 to fix. I said that was fine. He told me he didn’t think it could get 200k if fixed up. He really seemed to be trying to discourage me from going the repair/listing route.Then he told me that the guy would probably pay 160k cash. He said they were thinking 170-175k before seeing the few cracks. The “they” part set off red flags for me. It seems like he’s working more for the investor than me. I haven’t signed any paperwork yet, but I’m weirded out.Could he be hustling me or could I just be unrealistic? What should I do?



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