Newsflash: Title issues delaying closing – IRS lien for taxes unpaid

I was hoping someone here could offer some insight or reassurance for my situation. We are in the process of purchasing a home, and everything was going smoothly until a few days before closing when they found out there was a tax lien on the title from the IRS. The seller is a widow, and from the sounds of it, didn’t pay the taxes for the last three years or something. From what I hear, the seller and IRS have been in contact and are working out a payment amount and that should just come off their profit from the sale I believe. We’re already two weeks delayed from the original closing date, and don’t have a new date scheduled. Has anyone dealt with something similar, and how long did it take to resolve? It’s getting very stressful waiting for an unknown amount of time before being able to close. Thankfully we are able to stay with family, so we aren’t getting royally screwed with housing arrangements in the meantime.



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