Newsflash: Tenant subleasing in AirBnB

I own a duplex in Colorado, one family applied and convinced me to rent both units, one to them and the other to their brother in law and a business partner. The family would live in one and the brother in law and business partner would rent the other as a weekend ski condo. The family claimed they would take care of both units as they would be there full time. It sounded convenient so I even gave them a discount on the monthly rent. A day before signing the lease they asked if they could sublet the duplex to some friends over the holidays, I reluctantly agreed but refused to add anything specific to the lease, I only agreed to add that they would be responsible for any damage done by anyone subleasing from them.Of course brother in law and and their business partner never intended to actually use the place. From the moment the took over they started setting up the place to rent in aribnb. They drilled TV mounts in every room, installed a security system and set up a key box in the main door to hand keys to paying guests. Their guests have already smoked inside the unit on several occasions and have exceeded the capacity of the unit. Also he got the carpet cleaned and deducted it from last month’s rent, without submitting a receipt after I asked him for one.Yesterday I served them a 3 day notice to stop renting in airbnb, to remove the security system, and the tv mounts, and to stop smoking in the unit. Now they refuse to communicate. I’m out of the state for the next 3 weeks so should I start eviction soon if I don’t hear from them? Wait until I get back? Are these grounds for eviction?Thanks



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