Newsflash: Switching Realtors? Need Advice (First-Time Buyers in Texas)

So basically we want to switch realtors, but we also want to protect ourselves. Our realtor has done some things that concern us. Here’s the story…My husband and I are first-time buyers in Texas. Last February, we thought that we had a solid plan and signed a 6-month exclusivity document with a realtor who we thought could help us greatly with our plan to build in the subdivision next to our rental house. I know, I know…but it was the only way that we felt that we could get representation before walking into the builder’s office.So our realtor emails the builder and we go visit only to discover that the builder will not even entertain the idea of building the floorplan that we selected from the subdivision website. Great. So the realtor emails other builders. There is one that we’re still considering, but we’re not thrilled about the location really.Over the months, our realtor has called us a few times to check in, emailed some builders, and set up the automated emails from MLS. That’s it. We have not viewed any homes with him or done anything else.We are concerned based on two things. One: We like to do our own research to be well-informed. On a few occasions, we have mentioned that we saw a house that interested us, but felt that it was overpriced. Without knowing the house, this realtor always automatically dismissed and discounting any concerns about pricing. Two: He directed us to look at one of his own listings. When we looked this house up on CAD, we found that it was listed at just over 2000 sq ft while the realtor’s listing said 2600+. When we mentioned this, he was unconcerned and basically just said that CAD sucked… but isn’t this a recipe for a disaster with back property taxes or something? He confirmed that CAD was wrong.Now we just want to go with a different realtor, but how do we handle this? The 6 months has passed, but what if we like a house that shows up in those auto emails or if we want to go with a builder that he emailed a while ago? We have no experience with this and would greatly appreciate any advice.



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