Newsflash: Previous attempted buyer offers to sell me inspection report for home I’m considering buying. Is this legal?

I’m interested in a property I found online that is too far from me to visit in person. It is a nice sized lot in a location I like, with an older house on the property that the listing says “needs major TLC” and is sold “as-is”.I haven’t selected an agent to work with yet, so I contacted the listing broker directly. She admitted it ‘may be a teardown’ situation, and emailed me the septic inspection report AND revised offer (by mistake) from a previous potential buyer who cancelled the deal, which showed that the septic and well needed total replacement. The revised offer said that ALL systems failed inspection (roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc),and it also revealed to me the current owner and the previous (attempted) buyer.I looked up that attempted buyer (they bailed 3 weeks ago) on social media, and described my situation and asked of I could ask her some questions about the house, since I can’t see it and the few photos available are horrible.She responded that she paid $700 for a 40 page detailed inspection report, and I could have a copy for about 1/2 of that price.So…. 1) Is it legal to buy/sell inspection reports? 2) Do you think it’s worth it knowing in advance the bottom line is “fail”… perhaps there is something helpful for future estimates?The revised offer letter is rather brutally written, and demands a bit price reduction. It has occurred to me that some of the failures listed were not so bad, and that this was a bargaining technique that went bad and angered the seller & agent. I have a decent photo of the front of the L shaped house and the roof material looks OK and roofline looks very straight…but I’m an amateur.Thoughts or opinions?



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