Newsflash: [NY] Apartment lease ends end of Jul ’18, and can only extend short-term until end of Sep ’18. What should my timeline be?

As a first-time homebuyer (25) I am mystified as to why I can’t really find a clear answer to this question, but for some reason I can’t. As in the title, I have a rough timeframe as to when I would need to move into a home. But I don’t know what timeline to shoot for to hit the major milestones in order to fit move-in day between those dates. Meaning:When to seek pre-approval?When to start looking in earnest?When to expect to make an offer?I know it’s probably not a hard answer on any of these, but I can’t find any good guides on timelines for home buying when you’re renting.P.S. One thing that concerns me is if I don’t find a house I like in time. If my pre-approval expires, how might this affect my chances of getting an equivalent rate the following year (after my, presumably, new apartment lease is up)? My credit score, depending on bureau, is somewhere between 770 and 805.



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