Newsflash: Need advice re seller rent back, my agent has checked out turned hostile (CA)

Hi Reddit,We are set to close today. Sellers asked for a 7 day rent back which is in purchase agreement. There was no other documentation which I thought was odd and did some google searches because my agent is pretty useless and I think we should have a seller in possession form. This is where it becomes a long story. Beginning yesterday I started bugging my agent about getting this form signed. I basically just want an agreement that spells out the terms and is clear about when the Sellers’s should be vacating etc. My agent added two addendums which state rent back amount per day and that seller should have insurance. Is this adequate?Also yesterday my agent has turned hostile since he discovered we do not want him to sell our current home. The only reason we used him in the first place was because he promised to match Redfins rebate. This is not in contract but I do have text message to this effect. He wants to hold rebate hostage and give us half for the home purchase and half for selling our current house (which we NEVER committed to having him do). Basically throughout entire transaction he can’t answer any of our questions because he doesn’t know answers so we’ve felt blind and turned to google to find out what should be done. Anyway, yesterday he sent ME a text he intended for his broker in which he was mocking me, was rude and completely unhelpful on phone and now he is completely unresponsive. I’m not sure who to turn to since his check I assume gets cut today out of closing but we still have more to the purchase to work out with the seller still in the home.Hoping this makes sense and I can get some guidance here.



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