Newsflash: Is my mobile home park doing shady practice?

I live in a mobile home park in silicon valley. And believe it or not, being in the heart of silicon valley, homes in the park have been appreciating like the rest of silicon valley housing market. If there are lots available in the park, I can lease it and order a new manufactured home from factory for $250k and put it on my lot. However, if there is no lot, the only way to get in the park is to take over the lease and buy the house that’s on it. And people have been paying more to get in. $250k house sold for $300k.Now I’ve been noticing that there are times that a new home is put on a lot that is recently vacant and the home is immediately listed by a same real estate company. And this is why it seems shady to me: 1. We were told there’s a wait list for vacant lots. If that’s the case, how is it that a new house is put in immediately after lot becomes vacant and the house is listed by the same real estate company? 2. That means buyers can only move into the park is by buying the house at market price to take over the lease since vacancies are filled immediately by someone who then immediately lists the house. 3. And that means the real estate company (and maybe the park) can purchase a manufactured home at a much lower price and sell it at a higher price in silicon valley by blocking out vacant lots to potential renters who could’ve bought a brand new house directly from factory.I’m new to the manufactured home myself so I’m speculating, but does this seem shady to anyone?



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